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based in the largest Hungarian-American city, Cleveland, Ohio. Our human translators are proficient in both languages and experts in specialized technical subjects, business topics and information technology.

Professional Translation
for businesses ( technical texts, legal documents, advertisements etc.)
Service Options
including delivery methods and billing
Web Page Localization
: your Web page in Hungarian, with the special characters embedded in HTML
Internet services
Web page design, hosting
Software translation
Languages & Computer
: the Visitor Center for Generalcomputing
Onsite Support
for your language needs or web page hosted by us.
Personal letters, requests
: confidential personal translation and interpretation services

Fast turnaround. High quality service is guaranteed at all time. Each project is assigned to at least two native speaker human translators (for translation and independent review) with a Master's degree or a Ph.D. in a related field.

Please contact us by e-mail , fax/voicemail : (440)646-0483 or cell phone: (440) 725-3678
Mail: 33600 Cedar Rd. Pepper Pike, OH 44124

Typical rates are $0.07/word for personal texts.

Payment by credit card, check or wire transfer as you prefer.

Payment through PayPal an independent company

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