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~My name is Laszlo Lieszkovszky. And this is your last reality check before entering the fantasy land created by George Lucas back in 1988. The movie was a financial failure, as I'm sure you know. I can not understand why, it is one of my favorite movies. But, life is not logical since my other favorite movie, Dune, also did badly at the box office. Willow received terrible reviews when it came out. But one should never trust someone else's opinions, so I never listen to the critics. They are no better at assessing a movie than I am, so why should I listen? Hopefully, you are a Daikini who likes Willow. If not, then leave this site! One day I wanted to go and see if there was anything about Willow on the my surprise, I only found 2 Willow sites, and neither of them were complete. There were also some reviews, but they did not provide much info. A hundred million pages on the web and only 2 devoted to Willow! What a shame! So one weekend I thought I would make a third Willow page, just in case someone on the net liked it as much as I do. Now here you are on the third dedicated Willow site ever! I looked all around the internet for Willow pictures but only found a few (I do not have access to a scanner or video capture device myself, so don't expect previously unseen pictures here!). If you have any, Please send them to me and I'll put them on the page. Also, please send me comments using the built-in form or contact me at my email address. Time to get back to your guide, Willow...

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Christmas 2008 update: once again, thank you for everyone who visited this page! While here, please keep in mind that this site is really an antique. I created it in 1997. In the first ten years it received over 40,000 visitors! But times have changed and there is much more content on the web today than back then. As one visitor put it, "to tell you the truth what does your site do that google doesnt already do when you type in 'willow' offense". Fair enough, but back then, there was no Google to give instant facts about any movie. As a tip, the most interesting page here is the comments page, where fans from all around the world have shared their enthusiasm for this movie. For more up-to-date information, I'd recommend you check out this great site: The Crossroads


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